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At Apex Sign Company, you get to experience some of the most professional sign services in Los Angeles. For over decade, we have been providing businesses with sign services that meet all of their requirements. Our aim is to ensure that our signs meet all of your requirements. Come discover what we have to offer you by connecting with us.

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We offer various commercial sign options from indoor to outdoor signage. Our signage comes in multiple designs, colors, fonts, materials, and much more. We do everything from lightbox signs, monument signs, channel letters, dimensional letters, blade signs, neon signs to the vinyl decal, wraps, and everything in between. Besides that, we provide high-quality printing solutions so your business can have a full range of signage solutions at its disposal.

APEX Sign company prides itself on investing in the latest technology. It ensures that our signage is high in quality and fulfills the marketing needs of your business. We provide everything from permitting to manufacturing to installation.

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Sign Making Company

Are you looking for the most influential corporate signage? Are you in need of a reliable sign making company in Los Angeles? Well, look no further because Apex Sign has the solutions to all your problems. We are a leading full-service printing and sign manufacturing company.

Full Service Sign Company in Los Angeles
has experience of more than a decade in the signage industry. That is why we produce the highest quality premium signage. Our expertise lies in creating custom signage that caters to the needs of your business.

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    What We Deliver

    Everything, From Design To Installation

    We want to ensure that you get the ultimate experience as our customer. So, we leave nothing at chance. You get access to everything, from the design to the installation of the product, you get to see it all. At Apex Sign Company, we have all the skilled workers who will create your project for you from scratch.
    From in-house manufacturers who encompass the relevant skills to produce various types of signs for you to professional installers, you will find it all. There will be no need for you to reach out to any other service as we offer you on-to-all services related to your signage needs.

    Wall painting and graphics
    Wall signs

    Wide Range Of Sign Solutions

    Get all sorts of signage solutions under one roof. We have experts on board for all kinds of signages needs. Whether you’re in search for signs for a public house or digital signs for retail centers, you will find every solution here.
    Nothing is outsourced. Therefor, experts at Apex Sign Company are highly efficient in their craft. You get access to traditional signage solutions and digital signage solutions at Apex Sign Company. We love when customers bring up something unique to deliver to them. We enjoy the challenge and wish to bring you satisfaction with the results of our work.
    In the traditional signage solutions, we offer you wall-mounted signs, channel letters, lightboxes, neon signs, monument signs, post signs, ADA signs, individual letters, and more. When it comes to digital signage solutions, we offer indoor and outdoor LED displays, multimedia kiosks, outdoor poster displays, freestanding displays, and more.

    Who We Deliver To

    We have worked with some of the most renowned businesses on their signage solutions. These businesses belong to a range of industries, including, but not limited to, the following

    Why Choose
    APEX Sign Company in Los Angeles?

    Established Trust

    If there is one reason why our customers choose us, it is because we offer exactly what they want. We establish trust by offering the best and timely solutions to our customers every time.

    Experienced Sign Company

    Apex Sign Company has over 50 years of combined experience when it comes to signage solutions. With experience comes knowledge about how to work in different situations and meet the needs of our customers no matter how challenging it is.

    Cover All Aspects

    There is nothing we leave unsettled for our customers. We start from the very basics of understanding your needs to installations and maintenance. Everything is done in-house, so you will not have to worry about the quality of our work.

    Coordination And Smooth Transitions

    As we progress through every stage of the product, we keep you in the loop to ensure you know what is going on. The process is entirely smooth and highly coordinated at Apex Sign Company.

    Our Sign Company Process

    Our process entails five steps that we follow religiously at Apex Sign Company.

    1.Understanding Your Needs

    The first step we take is to get to know your needs. This helps build a base to our process. Since our aim is to establish a trusting relationship with you, we hope to cover everything that needs attention. Our team ensures to collect all of the information about what you desire from our service.
    More than that, we take a look into the location where you wish to install your signage to offer the best results. The surrounding factors are also considered when overviewing the entire area. Moving on, we try to understand what your business is all about to make sure the design of the signage is in sync with your brand.

    site survey
    sign design

    2.Getting Into The Details Of Design

    Our goal is to keep you satisfied. So, we start from scratch, trying to understand everything that you want from the design. We make sure to have meetings to understand what you need from our services, and work on it while keeping you informed about the progress throughout.
    Coming up with an effective design takes time and can be quite stressful if it isn’t made the right way. We try to make sure that our experts offer you all the best solutions available to give you the right results. With exceptional experience to understand what you want, we produce everything for you in-house.

    3.In-House Controlled Sign Manufacturing

    While outsourcing proves to be beneficial for a lot of businesses, we think that sometimes it can get a little out of control. We hope to make sure that you don’t have to worry about your product. Our in-house experts make sure to manufacture your products with efficiency.
    Our manufacturing facility is filled with experienced and skilled craftsmen who are ready to provide you with a range of signage solutions. Whether you wish to get 2D, 3D, or any kind of format, we are ready to provide you with it all. Apex Sign Company is the expert solution for bespoke signage, so you can bring up any unique design that you want, and we will provide it to you.

    sign manufacturing
    sign installation


    We don’t just hand you the product at the end of the production; we make sure to install it to your location as well. Apex Sign Company’s team excels in all kinds of installation. So, it doesn’t matter where your business is located as you will find that we offer you installations of all kinds.
    Each of the installers present in our team is experienced, so they know how to work around a series of locations. Whether you require signage solutions for bars, airports, hotels, or convenience stores, Apex Sign Company offers it all.

    5.Maintaining The Product And Relationship

    The last step of our process entails making sure that the product you requested lasts you a long while. We aren’t running away anywhere after installation. You get to use our maintenance service to ensure your signage solution is just as new throughout the use.

    This is our way of making sure that you are satisfied with our service.
    We hope to make sure that you get the best of the best from our side. By offering you an adequate maintenance plan, we ensure that you remain satisfied with our work for the long run.

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