According to research, about 79% of business students agree with the statement. “I can often infer the quality of a business from its signage.”

How do you make a commercial sign? What factors can play a key role in this regard? You must know the answers to these questions if you want to make your name and reputation in this world of competition. Signs are the silent salesmen.

Let’s get straight into the topic.

Choice of content

Why you make signs? Why are they so important? Signs are meant to convey a message with few words in a fraction of seconds to the target audience.

What does it mean? It means that the content on the sign is a game-changer.

The content of your business sign must be so apparent. It should be clear with a single glance at the sign.

For example, if you own a coffee shop, your sign could say Coffee House or something like that. Now “coffee” must be the most prominent and eye-catching word on your business sign. You can also add an image of the coffee. So, it will attract coffee lovers from a distance.

Your business sign must include important information and the message you to convey with it. It should be appealing, brief, and clear (ABC). Overcrowded signs will muddle everything. It may confuse people and will to convey its message. Remember, 90% of your target audience would be driving or going on their way by some means and do not have enough time. So your content must be such that they can read it in a few seconds.

Choice of colors

What colors should you choose for your business sign? Choice of colors can play a crucial role in this case. You can choose colors for your business sign based on your brand’s personality. Since the colors of the sign become your brand recognition.

According to a study, in almost 80% of cases, a business is recognized by its colors. Imagine the yellow color of McDonald’s and the purple color of Cadbury. We are sure their sign is visible in your mind. See, their colors have become their identity.

You should choose fascinating and compelling colors that catch the eyes of your targeted audience. Colors can depict your business and your services. If you want to attract children, you can go for bright colors such as yellow, orange. Pink would be a great choice for a female brand.

Also, make sure to create high contrast with colors. If your sign is bright, then it must be placed on a dull background. So it would pop up and looks appealing. Use full graphics colors.

Another tip is to add borders. Borders can also make your sign to be more focused and completely turn the tables.

So when you plan your business sign, select the colors carefully. Are they appealing to your targeted audience? They must be. Ultimately, your customers will decide your business journey.

Choice of font and its size

Clarity and legibility of your business sign must be your priority. When you plan the sign for your business, you must pay heed to the factor that it is legible. Either it is a large sign or a small sign. Either it is meant for external use or internal use.

The size of the font must be such that it is easily readable from a distance. Let us give you a useful tip. If your sign possesses many words or phrases, then do not use the same size for all words. It would fail to excite your customers. You can use different font sizes. Like you can point out the important word by keeping it larger and bolder than others while keeping everything in balance. This would attract more people.

Now let’s talk about font style. As we discussed above, the same font style would make your sign look dull and boring. Contrasting and distinct things captivate people. So, use two or three different styles of fonts. This will grab the attention of your customers and make them visit you. You cannot pair font styles randomly. The specific font looks good with a particular style. You must consult a sign company in this case for the right decision. We can help you.

Obviously, the size and style of the font depend upon the type of sign and the placement side. Always measure the advertising side before creating a sign.

 Choice of material

You would be surprised to know that choice of material for your business signage can greatly affect your brand recognition. First of all, make sure, that whatever material you are using, must be of good quality and durable. You must never compromise on the quality of the material. Your choice of material and its standard will speak of your taste in business.

There are hundreds of materials available that you can use for your business sign. They include acrylic, aluminum, corrugated plastic (coroplast), gatorboard, glass, PVC, wood, vinyl, etc. Each of these has its own appearance and qualities. You should go for the one that is most suitable for the selected type of signage. For example, pylon signs are mostly made of aluminum.

You have to be cautious while choosing the material for your business sign. It will impact the identity and reputation of your business. Eventually, It will reveal how good is your taste and elicit feelings of trust in other business owners who are likely to shake hands with you.

Your business signage must establish your lasting visual representation of your brand.

Placement of your business sign

Last, but not least. The placement of the sign is an important factor. What is the use of a sign if it is not placed rightly and not noticed by the target audience? All your efforts will go in vain. In fact, placement will determine all the factors. The type of sign, font size, and style, colors all will eventually be decided by the position of your business sign. So, you need to install your business sign in the right position where it can hit most of the people.

Take Away

You must have got an idea about the impotence in your business journey. You can advertise your business efficiently being in your budget through these signs. Its best way is to contact a good sign company. Our company APEX SIGN is a licensed sign company based in Los Angeles, California. We can offer you the best services from the creation of the signs to their installation. Feel free to contact us.

This will decide the fate of your business.