Are you planning to run your own business? Surely, you can. But without advertising, without informing the public that you exist. Can you? Not at all.

So, yes, before you start your business. You must pay attention to publicizing it. Signs are your best pal in this case.

Now you want to know how many types of commercial business signage are there? Which of them can take your business to another level? Here you go.

Types of business signage

Are you excited? So, go ahead.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs must have caught your sight while driving through a highway on your way. They are mounted tall, supported by one or two poles on their sides. These freestanding signs are made up of either aluminum or steel frame. Surely, these signs can be illuminated using fluorescent lamps or LEDs, or you can leave them unilluminated. But illuminated pylon signs are preferable, as seen at night and from a distance.

They are most often located at highways or beside major roadways where the traffic is going at a high pace. These tall, highway signs or road signs are visible even from a mile and catch the attention of the fast going drivers.

You can use pylon signs to put up a brand name, advertisement, information to the public, or directions. They can inform the targeted audience of your location, even at a distance of 20 to 30 feet. It can surely impulse people to visit you. You can exhibit your business sign on the skyline with the tall pylon sign. Isn’t it amazing?

Pylon signs are durable and can last for years. You can customize its shape, height, size, and even the number of boards. A single pylon sign can represent multiple businesses as you see outside the shopping malls. It will benefit all the partners as its operating cost will be shared by all. To run the business successfully, Pylon signs are a great choice, and the audience cannot miss them.

Banner Signs

You have been noticing banners since you are born. Yes, they have been using since old times and are still in style. Roller banners or standee banners are one of the most marketable signage products. You can customize them horizontally or vertically.

They get supported by a metal frame. You can plan your banner regarding its color, size, and shape. Whatever suits your business. They are highly portable. You can place them inside or outside. They are used to publicize and promote your business. They are great at advertising open events, conferences, and seminars.

Do you know, what is the biggest advantage of banners over other types of signages? They provide sufficient space and can accommodate large information. Banners are a powerful source for spreading information. You can re-use them for many years. All you have to do is to insert a new banner. Whenever you want to display new information or advertisement, or you want to announce deals and offers. Yes, that makes them cost-effective. Aren’t you glad to know?

Creative and beautifully designed banners can surely be a great addition to your business journey.

Channel Letter Signs

First of all, the name is so interesting. Secondly, they are by themselves interesting. They must have grabbed your attention outside public and commercial buildings.

The channel letter sign is a 3D sign. Basically, it consists of individual, 3D letters or characters. They together give a representation of the sign.

Channel letters are mostly made from the aluminum casing, as it is not susceptible to rust.

They can be lit or not, depending on your preferences. Neon lights or LED lights are used to lighten them up. Neon lights look beautiful and are eye-catching. But, generally, LED lights are safer and consume less energy.

There are different channel letters;

  • Specialty Channel Letter Signs
  • Open-Faced Neon Channel Letters
  • Front-Lit Channel Letter Signs
  • Reverse-Lit Channel Letter Signs

These versatile signs can spell out the name of your business. You can customize them according to your business style. Channel letter signs are big and visible. They are affordable. These striking signs will make your customers visit you.

Digital Signage

We are living in a digital world. Why not promote your business through digital signages? Digital Screen Menu Board is the latest technology in this field. Digital screens can engage your customers and can take your business to another level.

A simple computer is used to control these screens. You can advertise your company or business by displaying pictures. You can even play videos on digital screens. Digital screen menu boards are mostly used by restaurants. These restaurants display the whole menu in an automated manner on these screens. Customers get caught by its eye-catching graphics and get engaged in interactive advertisements. It elicits feelings of excitement in customers.

The biggest advantage of these screens is that you can easily change the menu or advertisement. Each day you can play a new plan or advertisement. It is one of the quickest and the effective ways of publicizing. You can display many such screens along the main boulevard. This lets you win in this world of competition. Digital screens have truly set up a sensational trend.

Other types of signs

There are also other types of signs that you can use for your business.

They include the following;

Window and Floor Graphics

Window and floor graphics are remarkable signage. Window decals and stickers can excellently showcase your brand name, logo, schemes, promotions, and other exciting deals. Floor graphics are attention seekers. They can pinpoint directions and advertise your brand. What we most like about both of them is that they do not require extra space. They are cost-effective. They are easily changeable. Your customers cannot ignore their brilliant colors and attractive design.

A-Frame Sidewalk Signs

These types of signs are placed on the sidewalk and impress every walker passing by. They are highly portable and affordable. You can pick them up effortlessly. They can play a key role in your business venture. A-frame sidewalk signs can advertise a business, or display a menu, etc. You can even spread an important public message through them.

Take Away

Signage creates your first impression on your customers. You must carefully select it according to your business requirements and preferences. But why are you worrying? You are already in the right place. We are a licensed company. We can create, design, and provide full sign services. You can contact us anytime and anywhere.