Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

APEX Sign believes in ensuring that you get the best service in the most secure way possible. Our privacy policy comprises of various levels through which we ensure that your data is secure.

The Importance Of Your Privacy And Security

At APEX Sign, we value your privacy and security, which is why we encourage you to go over our privacy policy. By doing so, you will understand the steps we take to secure your data. Our policy helps you to see how we collect, use, share and protect the information that you offer us.

The Warranty

APEX Sign works to the best of its capabilities to offer you the highest quality of goods. Our in-house manufacturing is well-equipped to offer you the best products. This claim is backed up by the warranty we have to offer with our products. Reading more into the policies will help you get a better grasp of how we ensure to offer you the best products and services.

The Policy Notice

It is essential for you to go over this policy notice to understand our basic policies. Here, you will get to know about the privacy policies that APEX Sign follows, including the following:

  • Privacy Policy

  • Return Policy

  • Shipping and Turnaround Policy

  • Cancellation Policy

  • Property Rights and Security

  • Our Rights

The notice extends to the data collected through APEX Sign’s website unless stated otherwise.

What We Ask From You

Your privacy is a priority for us, which is why we ensure that all of the data that we get is offered voluntarily by you. When making a purchase, you’re only required to give us the basic details for us to complete the transaction for you. No extra details are needed by us so that you can ensure your privacy is intact. 

We collect your data to process your orders. The data we might ask you includes your name, number, company, title, address, and email address once you start the registration process.

How We Use Your Data

Your privacy is valuable, which is why the information we collect helps to benefit you only. It helps us keep a track of your order processing. We get to ensure that we have the right data so that we can deliver your goods promptly. The need for your email address revolves around sending confirmation emails for your orders. All of your basic details help us ensure that we offer you smooth order-processing. 

We also make use of your data to communicate what we are offering to you. We might email you with the new products we are launching or simply update you with a recent blog that you might find interesting. It is all about helping you see what we offer. 

Policy Regarding Third-Parties

APEX Sign does not believe in selling your information to third parties. We keep emphasizing the importance of your privacy, which is why we ensure that we do not overlook how to maintain your privacy. 

The only exception is giving data to web-hosting partners, which ensures confidentiality in all matters. This is only when there is a need for data for website operation. Other parties may have access to data that is not personally identifiable. In such a case, the data is used mainly for statistics, advertising, or marketing needs.

You Have Control Over Your Data

You have all the control over your data. It is entirely up to you when you wish to stop sharing your data with us. There is no requirement for you to share your data forever. You can always change, correct, or delete the data we have of yours through the following steps. 

  1. Verify the data we have of yours

  2. Change data that you need to

  3. Communicate the need for deleting certain data

  4. Communicate any concern about the data we collect

You get to choose what you want to do with your data entirely. 

Privacy Policy Updates

There is a possibility of updates to the privacy policy over time. This has more to do with the changing policies of internet policies. We want to make sure that we stay in-line with these policies, so you might see updates from time to time. 

The updates for our privacy policies are typically communicated to you via email, along with other updates about which products are upcoming and more. However, you may choose to not be subscribed to these updates by letting us know. 

Once you visit our website, you agree to the terms and conditions that we have to offer in our privacy policy. 

Cancellation Policy

We offer you a certain time to cancel your orders. This is between the time you place your order till when you get the confirmation form and no manufacturing has taken place. If you cancel your order before it has made its way to manufacturing, then you will not be required to pay any cancellation charges. 

However, if you cancel your order after it has already started being manufactured, then you will need to pay a compensation for it. There is no other way to go about this. 

Shipping And Turnaround Policy

We ensure to give you the best buying experience from us. To meet this goal, we offer you quality products within the timeframe that you need them in. Our goal is to ensure that we offer you a quality and speedy delivery, according to the turnaround time in the form. It is possible for projects to have different turnaround times, depending on their scale.

Refund And Return Policy

Our streamlined process for order ensures that we create something that is the perfect depiction of your ideas. However, there is a possibility that, at times, you don’t get the ideal customized product. For your satisfaction, we will make sure to change the details according to your needs and put in reasonable efforts in the process. No charges will be asked from you for this. 

The return and refund policy differ based on two categories. If you wish to return a stock sign, then it can be used for resale to another customer. However, if you wish to return a personalized/customized sign, then that will not be returnable. 


We hope to offer you a safe place where you can add your data. When you’re submitting data through the online website, we ensure that your data is secure in all ways. This is done through encryption. As you add your credit card details or any other sensitive information to the website, the information you add is entirely encrypted.

The data is delivered to us securely through encryption. You can ensure this through the lock symbol that you see on the bottom of your web browser. Another way to verify the encryption is by looking for the “HTTPS” before the website address. 

Through these encrypted mechanisms, we are able to ensure that your data is safe online and offline. Only specific employees have access to the personal information that you have offered to us while ensuring your security. 

We make sure that we have access to all the developed technology for the safety of your information. We keep your information away from destruction, disclosure, loss, and unauthorized access.

Intellectual Property Rights

Once you place an order for a sign on this website, you agree that we have the right to use text, designs, and other intellectual properties that you have offered to us through submission. In case of violation of any intellectual property rights of others, we can choose to reject any orders that you may place with us. The same is the case when it comes to infringed intellectual property rights of others. 

Other Provisions As Required By Law

There are developments in international laws, international treaties, industry practices, and more. In case you want the implementation of a particular provision, you may connect to us via email or phone. We also hope to abide by the California Online Privacy Protection Act as it keeps changing quite frequently over time. If you believe that we aren’t abiding by the CalOPPA rules, then feel free to communicate this to us through email or phone. 

Copyright Notice

All rights are reserved. Any rights that aren’t explicitly mentioned here are also reserved.

Our Rights

We hold the right to use basic information about you. There are a few reasons why this is done. The information you share with us helps us to:

  • Manage your account at APEX Sign

  • Provide information that you request

  • Communicate things that interest you

  • Communicate about any new products

We have the right to make sure that we deliver content to you once you have shared information with us. We also have the right to put limits on any particular order or on the quantity purchased by you.

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Feel free to connect to us on our email or phone if you have any questions regarding the privacy policy.