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Acrylic panel signs

Acrylic panel signs are a popular choice in the corporate world – they provide a sleek, modernistic look and are enough to attract customers towards your brand. All kinds of Acrylic panel signs are made with colorless polymer material, making it a suitable alternative to big glass signs. If you think that glass signs are too expensive or too typical for your organization, we recommend opting for these new and modern Acrylic panel signs that can help you develop a unique brand image.
There are a range of business needs that can be met using Acrylic panel signs. Not only can you use them to display your brand name outside the shop, but Acrylic panel signs can also be used for large menu boards inside the shop, room IDs across the building, lobby labeling, and even for product displays at kiosks. By using Acrylic panel signs, you can enjoy complete freedom in customization and design since you can achieve all kinds of business needs using this type of signage.

Types of Acrylic panel signs

Some businesses are more focused towards indoor signs and others are inclined towards outdoor ones. The best part about opting for Acrylic panel signs is that they can be used both indoors and outdoors – in a range of different shapes and sizes to represent your brand in the best possible way. Whether you want to attach your acrylic sign branding outside your shop, on the food counter, to label the supermarket aisle, or even to inform patients on hospital walls – APEX Sign Company can design the most suitable acrylic signage for your company.

Standard Surface or Subsurface Printing

There are two types of printing options for acrylic signage: standard surface printing and subsurface printing. Both of these options provide a unique look and are different in the way that your brand will be represented to the clients. Before making your decision, it is recommended to consider both of these options for your company.
Standard surface printing refers to acrylic signage that has been printed on the front side. This will provide an overall matte finish and the design will be covering most of the transparent acrylic. This is a popular choice for businesses who want to opt for acrylic signage as an alternative to glass signage – especially because it is hard to tell the difference in this case. Standard surface printing is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.
Subsurface printing involves printing on the backside of the acrylic. Your brand name or logo will be printed in reverse on the backside so it can be clearly visible from the front. Such acrylic signage has a glossy finish as compared to a matte one. Many people tend to use subsurface printing to add more depth to their acrylic signage – making it more suitable for large outdoor signs that can be attractive for potential customers.



At APEX Sign Company Sign, our team has been designing and manufacturing acrylic signage for businesses for years now. This experience helps us cater to all of our customers in a professional and effective manner – creating the most suitable signage for their company.



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