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Does your company own a corporate vehicle? Chances are that you already have one or a few commercial trucks that are used to transport goods or make deliveries to customers.

Most companies tend to leave their trucks blank or only have their brand logo printed on the back. Not only is this old-fashioned, but it does not contribute anything towards the marketing and advertisement of your company.

Since the corporate vehicle travels to almost every popular corner in the city, it is easy to utilize it effectively for your company’s benefit. This can be done with a commercial truck wrap.

Marketing with a Truck Wrap

A truck wrap basically refers to a printed and laminated coating over your truck that is used to advertise your company. Similar to how large billboards are used for advertisement purposes, one can simply utilize their own company truck that acts as a moving billboard across the entire city.

By choosing APEX Sign Company for your truck wrap, you can have access to our expert design team that can help you design the most effective marketing campaign for your vehicle. Since marketing using a truck wrap differs slightly from traditional forms of marketing, it is important to focus on a few important elements during the design process. These include:

  • Aesthetic appeal of the infographic
  • Sufficient balance between detailed information and images
  • Not too distracting for other drivers
  • Small and precise enough for people to read from their vehicles
  • Large font and lettering to be easily comprehendible

Benefits of a Truck Wrap

If you are unsure whether your business would benefit from investing in a truck wrap, the team at APEX Sign Company is here to help. Following is a list of the few advantages that you can enjoy once you purchase a truck wrap for your vehicle:

  1. Additional Exposure

Since your corporate vehicle is used to make all kinds of deliveries and to run other business-related errands, your company will immediately be getting higher levels of exposure with a truck wrap that is especially designed for advertisement.

People on the roadside, in buildings, and even on sidewalks would notice the message that is printed on the vehicle wrap. By including contact information for your company on the truck wrap as well, you can easily gain new customers to your brand.

  1. Good First Impression

With a professional and aesthetically pleasing truck wrap, you can make a great first impression with potential clients. Since the corporate truck will be used to meet with potential customers, having a professional looking truck will emphasize the fact that you have a well-established company with profitable operations. Such impressions are important to attract clients in the future since word-of-mouth is a highly effective form of advertisement in the modern world.



At APEX Sign Company, we offer complete truck wraps, partial truck wraps, custom truck stickers and decals, and even vehicle magnets. Each of these can be fully customized according to the unique marketing message that your company aims to put forward.
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