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Corporate signs tend to form the first impression of your business. They help you create an identity and recognition in the town that you have an office in – especially if you are situated between a crowded street. An effective sign will be able to attract attention to your company from miles away.

The most popular type of corporate signage in the market nowadays is an illuminated pole sign that can be visible to clients from far distances – making it easier for them to locate your outlet. An aesthetic sign will represent you professionally and send out your brand message only through arts and design.

At APEX Sign Company, we manufacture two categories of corporate signs: indoors and outdoors.

Indoor Corporate Signs

A majority of big companies tend to opt for large corporate signs right at the entrance of their offices. Not only does this help create a professional image in the minds of clients, but it also enhances brand recognition. By having an attractive and well-designed indoor corporate signage, any company can create a positive first impression for the clients and increase the likelihood of the client remembering the name and logo of the company.

Indoor corporate signs can be of all shapes, sizes, and materials. The diversity in design is extensive since any kind of corporate signage can be installed on the walls of your building. Whether you prefer a sleek, wooden lettered corporate sign or a more modern one with a few backlit LED lights – APEX Sign Company will be able to design and manufacture the perfect sign for your firm.

Outdoor Corporate Signs

Whilst indoor signs can provide a professional outlook, outdoor corporate signs are more beneficial to attract customers to your building or shop. There are many types of outdoor corporate signage that you can choose from – with each option being completely weather-resistant and immune to structural damage. At APEX Sign Company, we can manufacture pole signs, pylon signs, or even monument signs for your corporate office.

In case you want to appeal to the modern generation and appear more aesthetic, we tend to recommend the new types of vinyl lettering corporate signs, channel letters, and uniquely designed storefront signs that contribute towards attracting a customer base. By looking at your logo and company name in a big frame outside the shop, clients are likely to recognize your company and help you create a significant brand identity. This is especially important for businesses who operate in a mass industry such as food since they have a large number of competitors. By having a unique and attractive outdoor sign, you can switch all the attention away from your competitors and on to your own company.



At APEX Sign Company, we provide assistance through the entire process of designing and manufacturing the most suitable corporate sign for your company. Whether you want an indoor corporate sign, an outdoor one, or both – our team of experts will be able to facilitate you in every way possible.



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