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If you want a simple type of signage for your company without getting into too many complications, we recommend opting for corrugated signage. These signs are lightweight and can be customized into any design, size, or shape that you prefer.

What are Corrugated Signs?

Corrugated signs are made using plastic or coroplast – a versatile material that is used for a range of different purposes. The best part about using a corrugated sign is that you can easily customize it according to your requirement and it is durable enough to last multiple years in your business.

Most corrugated signages are about 4mm in thickness and have a hollow interior. These two characteristics are important for plastics because it makes the business signage weather-resistant and easy to handle. Unlike aluminum or plastic signs, corrugated signage will be lightweight and thus easier to position and place on the walls of your store.

Printing on the corrugated signage is done using air-dry ink to ensure that the signage is colorfast. This helps in the durability aspect of the business sign as such high-quality printing ensures that the design on your corrugated sign will not fade away or lighten over time.

Indoor Corrugated Signs

Corrugated signs can be used for a range of different uses for businesses. Regardless of the industry that you operate in, having indoor signs is important for both information and marketing purposes. Having aesthetic indoor signage also contributes towards creating a positive brand image of the business.

Indoor corrugated signs are a popular choice since they will be durable enough to resist varying temperatures and will have steadfast printing that does not fade away over time. You can use indoor corrugated signage to enhance your brand image by providing useful information regarding your products and services, or even simply for marketing purposes such as attractive graphics or interesting catchphrases.

Outdoor Corrugated Signs

While corrugated signage is suitable for outdoor uses, there is no denying that they tend to be less durable when exposed to direct sunlight. If you run a business that requires constantly changing signage (such as promotional deals, event signage or real estate boards), then using corrugated signage is the most suitable option. While outdoor corrugated signs will not last for too many years, the signage is affordable enough to be suitable for businesses who want to have temporary signs outside their door.



At APEX Sign Company, we ensure that your corrugated sign is completely customized and highly versatile. If you want to make a bold first impression in front of your clients, opting for vibrant corrugated signage outside your outlet is the most cost-effective option for your business.
The graphic design team at APEX Sign Company will be able to facilitate you through the entire process of creating corrugated signs that represent your company in the best possible way. By putting your vision on to the corrugated sign, the team at APEX Sign Company will be happy to help you fulfil all of your business signage requirements.



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