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Vans are commonly used by all business owners. Some companies use it to deliver goods to certain locations, and others use it to send their personnel to provide services such as repairs. Regardless of the purpose of the van, all company owners are recommended to install a high-quality van wrap that represents their brand effectively.

Having a plain colored van is no longer attractive for clients. People are looking for professional companies with established brand names to work with. To achieve this, one should invest in a professional wrap.

Designing Your Wrap

A van wrap is a covering for the entire van that is specifically designed for your company. You can choose to advertise your ongoing deals and offers on the wrap, or simply use it to add your brand name, logo, and contact information on the van. Since the van will be traveling across different locations and coming into contact with new people every day, it will serve as an effective form of advertisement without investing thousands of dollars into large billboard signs.

Our Custom Van wraps not only make your corporate vehicle look more professional and stylish, but also provide protection to the vehicle from wear-and-tear in harsh weather conditions. Since vans have to drive through shaky roads and extreme weather such as windstorms, the outer layer of the vehicle is highly prone to damage. With a high-quality wrap, one can protect the van since the wrap will cover the top layer of the vehicle with a durable, vinyl covering.

The biggest advantage of opting for a wrap for your vehicle is that you have the flexibility to customize and change the wrap as per requirement. You can continue to change your advertisements over the months by removing the old wrapper and having a new one applied. This allows you to remain up to date with marketing tactics such as incorporating the holiday season or the summer into your ads.

Types of Van Wraps

By contracting with APEX Sign Company, our team of design professionals will be able to guide you regarding the different types of van wraps and which one would be most suitable for your company. This is important since each type of van wrap serves a different purpose and is effective for different kinds of companies. Some of our services include:

  • Full-Coverage Van Wraps
  • Partial Van Wrap
  • Vinyl Lettering or Signs
  • Window Wraps
  • Magnetic Van Signs



APEX Sign Company is a commercial signage company who works with all different kinds of signs and boards. Vehicle wraps are amongst our top-selling services since companies are now becoming more and more interested in amplifying the aesthetic appeal of their corporate vehicles and utilizing them for marketing purposes.
With our professional design team, you can easily have a customized van wrap for your vehicle including all of the elements of your choice. By integrating a combination of vinyl lettering and infographics, we aim to create effective advertisements in the form of van wraps.
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