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Have you ever come across a street full of auto and repair dealerships, but none that have an attractive branding? That can be blamed on dealership signs.

A dealership sign is a large board attached at the front of your store – typically highlighting your company name and logo. This helps dealership owners differentiate their company from the many others that are situated on the same street.

When it comes to attracting customers, first impressions can go a long way. By opting for a minimalistic and aesthetic dealership sign that can be seen from far away, you would be able to attract large audiences towards your business and gain all the business that generates from these potential clients.

Once you decide on getting a dealership signage for your company, there are two aspects that you should focus on outdoor dealership signage and indoor dealership signage.

Outdoor Dealership Signs

Since auto and repair dealerships need to attract customers, having a large and visually pleasing dealership sign right outside their shop is the key to gaining clients. The outdoor dealership signage should have a simple font that people can read from miles away and should also have an appropriate brand message such as a logo of a car or a catchy tagline.

Outdoor dealership signage manufactured by APEX Sign Company are weather-resistant since we understand the importance of providing high-quality signs to our clients. This means that regardless of whether there is a thunderstorm outside or heavy snowfall, your dealership sign will not be damaged in any way. This is achieved by using high-quality, sturdy materials in the manufacturing process for all outdoor dealership signage.

Indoor Dealership Signs

Once dealership owners invest in outdoor signs, they tend to have the wrong belief that an indoor sign is unnecessary. However, to compete with the wide array of competitors in the market, an informative indoor dealership signage will be able to inform your clients regarding all the services that you offer without the intervention of a representative.

Such indoor dealership signage tend to make a positive first impression on clients. Since they know that the dealership owners are fairly serious about the business that they are doing, clients are more likely to trust your company with all of their auto repair and purchase requirements.



At APEX Sign Company, we have a complete range of experts at corporate signs who will be able to assist you through the entire process. By understanding the dealings of your business and the market that you operate in, the design team at APEX Sign Company will be able to create a suitable yet attractive design for your outdoor or indoor dealership sign.
After finalizing on the design, each dealership sign is made with sturdy materials and precision to ensure that the final look of the sign looks appealing and professional.
If you are looking for a company to handle all of your dealership sign requirements, you can reach out to the team at APEX Sign Company today and our representatives will be in touch with you soon.



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