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When a client first comes to your outlet, the first thing that they will notice is your business signage. They will examine whether the sign seems new or old, modern or traditional, and aesthetically pleasing or not. This forms the first impression of your company in the eyes of the customer. By having effective business signage at the storefront of your business, you can create a positive first impression for the customers and they will be likely to return to your company in the future as well.

When choosing business signage, there is a range of things to consider. You will have to choose between the type of sign, the material, and even the whole design that will represent your brand. If you are searching for a simple solution to all of your business signage problems, we recommend opting for the standard Dibond signs.

What are Dibond Signs?

Dibond signs are made with the aluminum composite material known as dibond that is typically used for such manufacturing purposes. The material is sturdy and suitable for business signage since it has solid plastic between two sheets of aluminum – making it durable for both indoor and outdoor uses. Dibond signs are a great alternative to aluminum, especially for businesses who want to create a sophisticated first impression with a thick business sign on their door.

APEX Sign Company is one of the most popular manufacturers of dibond signs in the market. Over the years, we have designed all kinds of dibond signs that are used for various purposes – such as promotional signage, indoor informational signs, lobby guidance signs, supermarket labels, and even menu signage.

Designing Dibond Signage for Businesses

The reason why we recommend dibond signage to all of our clients is because of its remarkable smooth finish and the versatility in finishing options that you can choose from. Dibond signs are also easy to maintain for the business since it can be easily cleaned without damaging the printing on the material. Since dibond is colorfast, it is typically used to print large photos and graphics for business use.

After designing the entire dibond sign for your business, you can even choose the finishing for your signage. Popular options include gold, silver, copper, and even a mirror-like finish. Depending upon the outlook of your business, different kinds of finishing can help you create brand recognition and appeal to potential customers. If you run a real estate firm, for instance, opting for gold finishing will help create a sophisticated and professional first impression for customers.



At APEX Sign Company, our team of experts is aware of all the current market trends that your business can benefit from. We will be able to assist you through the entire designing process to create a dibond sign that represents your brand effectively. After the designing phase, each of the dibond signs manufactured by APEX Sign Company are made using high-quality material that ensures that there are no issues faced by our customers in the future.



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