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Door signs are an effective and strategic way to boost your brand’s visibility. At APEX Sign Company, our skilled experts strategically manufacture, design, and install your door signs. Our team is highly skilled and can help boost your brand identity in no time.

Our door signs are functional and artistic. We believe that function and form go a long way in catching the attention of customers. Here are the many materials you can use to get your door sign made:

  • Perforated film
  • Laminated vinyl
  • Die-cut vinyl
  • Sliders
  • Aluminum nameplates

Here is all you need to know about our door signs.

Operating Hours Door Signs

Customers love convenience. You can provide them with this convenience by updating your operating hours with an attractive door sign. It is one of the things people always look for when they pass by a store.

That is why you can give them the information they need before they even enter. That way, customers will be more likely to follow your scheduled hours before making an appointment. You can also update hours on special holidays for further convenience.

Room Identification Signs

If your business is inside a big office building, you will need room identification signage. It will allow clients, staff, customers, and visitors to navigate your office with convenience and ease. You can also include safety and room authorization signage for your employees.

Room identification signage will keep everyone in check, as they will know what a particular door is for. Such signs are perfect for high-traffic buildings such as offices, schools, hospitals, etc.

Business Information Signage

Show your potential customers what your business offers through door signs. You can display information such as:

  • Availability of WiFi
  • Licensed to serve alcohol
  • Any special promotional offers

It will allow you to attract more customers as they might like what you have to offer. You can customize these door signs by choosing materials, colors, size, fonts, and designs that suit your brand.

Attract Customers

Door signs are an effective way of attracting potential customers. It can help you create a lasting first impression. You can do that by effectively showing your business name and logo.

After all, it is the only information they need before they enter your store. You can customize to reinforce your brand identity so your signage can be memorable and recognizable by customers. All you have to do is provide us with what you need, and we will do it.



Get high foot traffic in your store with an attractive door sign. Our team of skilled artists and graphic designers can create the perfect signage for you, which offers a high return on investment. You can use these to assist your employees and gain new customers.
Our door signs are affordable, high-quality, and efficient. For more information on the signage that we offer, feel free to get in touch with us now. We will be happy to assist you throughout the door signage process to get what you need.



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