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If you are on the search for the most economical yet diverse promotional signage for your business, we recommend opting for foam core signs.

Most people don’t know what foamcore signs are, even if they have seen many around the shops in their neighborhood. Foamcore signs are a popular choice because they are affordable, attractive, and can be customized according to your specific requirements to display any message of your preference.

What is a Foamcore Sign?

A foam core sign typically consists of a sheet of sense polystyrene that is placed between two sheets of paper. This type of signage is similar to the traditional cardboard signs that used to be popular back in the day, but foamcore is much thicker in diameter and is slightly more durable than the average cardboard sign.

Foamcore signage is often used to make architectural models of big buildings to represent it in real terms. Apart from this, it is used as a great material for business signage. Whether you want to promote a seasonal product or display your latest deals at the storefront, opting for a foamcore sign is likely to be the best option for your business.

Foamcore Signs for Promotional Purposes

As people used to use cardboard cutouts to appeal to customers in older times, the modern version of doing so is through foam core signs. By using foamcore, you can customize the size, shape, design, and location of your business signage with complete freedom.

Foamcore signs for promotions can be used both indoor and outdoor. Indoor signs are more convenient since foamcore is not that weather-resistant for the outdoors. Indoors, your foam core signs are likely to last for a very long time. Such attractive signage inside your store or office can create brand recognition or even enhance your chances of going viral on social media. This would be a great marketing strategy for your business since more and more customers will become aware of your company and its services. Indoor foam core signs are versatile because you can place them just about anywhere – and even continue changing the location every day.

The most popular forms of indoor foamcore signage includes menu boards, wall signs, mascots, or attractive graphics that are appealing for customers. You can also use a basic foam core sign to inform customers of your promotional deals.

Temporary Business Signage

Since some business signs are particularly designed for short periods of time (such as every season of the year), opting for foam core signs is the most practical way to achieve this. Foamcore signs are usually less expensive than other types of business signage – making them a popular option for temporary business sign uses.

If you place your foamcore sign outside in the sun, it is likely to last for a few weeks before deteriorating in quality. However, this should not be a problem since foamcore signage is only used for temporary purposes. An interesting approach to outdoor foamcore signage would be to keep changing your outdoor signs every few weeks to create a fun brand appeal for customers.




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