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Did you know that hanging signs have been an advertising medium since the 16th century? They are one of the oldest signs. Even after so many technological advancements, hanging signage are still here.

These signs are still used because they are affordable, effective, and simple. Many businesses install them perpendicular to the building front so everyone passing by can notice. APEX Sign Company offers one of the most versatile and affordable hanging signage out there.

Our various hanging sign options include:

  • Ceiling brackets
  • Wall mounts
  • Panels
  • Sign frames
  • Lighting kits

You can choose from any of these options to customize your hanging sign.

Hanging Blade Signs

Hanging blade signs have been used for centuries by bed-and-breakfasts, pubs, and inns. They are charming, attractive, and your business can use them too. You can strategically place it outdoors to attract new customers.

APEX Sign Company offers a customizable experience to all their clients. You can customize the hanging blade sign according to your brand personality. That way, your sign will be unique.

The best part is that hanging blade signs can withstand any weather. That is because we use highly resistant materials such as:

  • PVC
  • Solid timber
  • Fiberglass
  • Cast polyurethane
  • Aluminum

All these materials will protect your hanging sign from harsh weather. Besides that, we create brackets and posts using stainless steel, wood, and wrought iron. These materials ensure your sign will stay in place no matter the weather.

Projecting Brackets And Signs

Do you want customers to perceive your brand as stable and permanent? The best way to do that is by using projecting brackets and signs. They are just like hanging signage but they don’t swing.

These signs remain in place and provide a feel of permanence and stability. Such signs can also be customized to suit your brand personality and preferences. If you want to add a classic touch, you can opt for metal or wood panels with ornate iron brackets.

On the other hand, if you want to add a commercial or modern touch, you can use a PVC panel with a minimalist bracket. The PVC panel will be cut according to the shape you want. After that, we will customize and install it for you in no time.

Indoor Hanging Signs

Hanging signs are not just for the outdoors. You can utilize them indoors as well. They can be utilized as promotional materials, directional signs, or informational signs. APEX Sign Company has all the resources and skills to execute such hanging signage for your business.

We have various options such as sign frames, LED message boards, and illuminated sign boxes for you to choose from.



APEX Sign Company has been in the signage business for a long time now. We know the importance of providing the perfect sign. So, if you need hanging signs for your business, you know what to do.
For more information on our full range of signage services, feel free to get in touch with us now. We will be happy to assist you.



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