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We see informational signs everywhere. All types of signage, from directions to instructions to warnings are informational signs. They are legibly printed and strategically placed to help us with the information we need.

APEX Sign Company is your well-reputed local information signage provider. We specialize in manufacturing, designing, and installing information signs. You can either choose from our selection or create a customized sign for your business.

We work with many materials such as acrylic, coroplast, aluminum, wood, vinyl, and much more. So, we can work within your budget while providing you the best informational sign for your business.

Safety And Warning Signs

Every business establishment should have safety and warning signs. They help identify hazards, which reduce mishaps and accidents. APEX Sign Company specializes in providing the highest-quality safety and warning signs.

You can utilize these signs to communicate:

  • Rules
  • Warnings
  • Directions
  • Regulations
  • And other important information to enhance safety

Doing so will improve the safety of the workplace and increase the efficiency of workers. Our informational signs come in all sorts of materials, sizes, and shapes. You can choose from various options to create a customized informational sign.

All you have to do is tell our team what you need, and they will execute it perfectly. APEX Sign Company is known for providing such signs in the decal, sticker, metal, corrugated plastic, and acrylic forms. So, whatever it is that you need, we can easily provide.

Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are one of the most widely used informational signs. They have an incredibly high demand as they are always ordered in bulk. Over the years, we have gained immense experience in the production of traffic signs.

That is why you can count on APEX Sign Company to fulfill any project of traffic signs. We are equipped with the skills, resources, and knowledge to execute a project of any scale. That is why you can trust us with your signs.

APEX Sign Company is familiar with the standards provided in the MUTCD. That is why we always ensure your signs conform to the standards set in the MUTCD as well as local regulations. Our team of graphic designers ensures your traffic signs have the right colors, font, and shapes for the road.

However, the most important aspect of any traffic sign is visibility. That is why we use state-of-the-art printing technology, engineer-grade reflective sheeting, and rust-proof aluminum. These materials enhance visibility and ensure the durability of the sign.

APEX Sign Company is your trusted partner when it comes to all kinds of signage. All you have to do is specify your requirements and we will deliver with perfection.



APEX Sign Company has been in the signage industry for a long time now. If you want informational signs of the highest-quality, we can guarantee this. Our team of designers, engineers, and experts are always at your disposal to help you out.
For more information on the signage solutions we offer, feel free to get in touch with us now. Our team will be happy to assist you.



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