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Laundromats have become an essential part of every community since the first one opened in Texas back in the 1930s. Not only are they the most convenient alternative for having your own washing machine but they also provide the service at a reasonable cost for people without the means of affording one. Even though the laundromat business is profitable, having proper marketing is the key to success for any business, which is why APEX Sign Company is here to deliver the most efficient and attractive signage for your laundromat business.

Types of Signage

Advertising can be done using a variety of methods such as through television, newspapers, or online, but the most effective way of increasing foot traffic and attracting potential clients is a great business sign.

Illuminated signs are the most popular among laundromat owners for their efficient nature, it’s the best way to get your business noticed among the locals and anyone passing by.

Picking outdoor signage is a one-time investment for a 24/7 promotional tool, channel and block letters that help make your business visible, along with creating a sleek and modern look. Customizable LED signs are a practical option, they are cost-effective and generally require minimal to no maintenance.

Vinyl or printed banners and flags are ideal for advertising special sales or grand opening events in your area, banners can be customized according to your taste as there are a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes you could choose, depending on the aesthetic you’re going for.

Durability and Quality

One thing any laundromat owner looks for when purchasing a sign is durability and quality, for a permanent outdoor sign you need one that can withstand weather changes while requiring minimal maintenance. APEX Sign Company is trusted in the business and our team brings laundromat owners like yourself high quality at the most affordable cost. Some of the best material for outdoor signs includes aluminum, wood, Durawood, you could opt for electronic or digital signs which give a contemporary look. Temporary signs are a good option for people looking for low investment, these can have just as good an impact as permanent ones.

Indoor Signs vs Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are an excellent way to promote your business with minimal effort and maximum result however indoor signs have their advantages as well. Indoor signs include informational and directional signs, you can place vinyl signs inside your establishment in various areas and for many means, such as displaying your laundromats’ prices, regulations, helping customers navigate, information on operating the washing machines, and much more. This will increase customer satisfaction and help build a regular and recurring client base, in conclusion, a strong signage strategy includes both outdoor and indoor signs.



Picking the right signage for your business can be tricky, that’s why at APEX Sign Company we offer consultation along with our services to aid your search in finding the best quality and most effective sign for your laundromat. If you want to know more information on signage strategy and effective customer service then give us a call.



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