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Creating a visually pleasing business logo and sign is one of the key elements to focus on when you embark on a journey to start a new business. An attractive business sign can work as a silent salesman for your company, it’s the best one-time investment if made right that is!

At APEX Sign Company, with our wide variety of options to choose from, we ensure on delivering the best possible business sign for your establishment.

Types of Business signs

The type of business sign best suited for your business depends on what you expect to gain from the sign itself. For promotional signs the best type would be vinyl signs, flag or banner signs, window stickers, outdoor yard signs, pull-up signs, marquis signs, and even LED message boards which are becoming increasingly popular.

If you ask us, in terms of material, Vinyl is an exceptional choice. Due to its easy and quick production and relatively reasonable cost, vinyl is among the most common and attractive choices for temporary sign materials.

However, if you’re looking for a more durable and permanent sign, there’s an assortment of options at your disposal. For instance, you could opt for pole signs, fascia signs, backlit sign boxes, pylon signs, or monument signs which are quality and long-lasting substitutes.

Different Styles

The style of your sign sets an image for the entire company, first impressions are extremely important so your business sign should have a positive, memorable, and assertive vibe to it. For those of you wishing to achieve a rustic look and aesthetic, wood or brick or even high-pressure laminate for building signs would work best, or perhaps smooth metalwork that brings a glossy and polished look is more your style.

If you want a modern and fresher look then an electronic or digital signature is the way to go, with simple technology, you can now customize your signs to show the content you want. This extends to personalized messages for your clients or videos on the digital signs.

Importance of Proper Signage

A sign not only draws attention to your business but it promotes and communicates information about it too, after all an outdoor sign is visible the entire year-round, it’s a constant form of marketing and exposure. It’s the most traditional and cost-effective method used to touch hundreds of potential consumers, compared to other advertising forms such as newspapers or television.

Signs are the perfect long-term investment and this is exactly why your sign needs to reinforce your company’s brand and create a long-lasting impact on the customer.

Still feeling lost?

If you’re still questioning what kind of sign and style is perfect for you and your business then feel free to consult our company. As a business ourselves, our team at APEX Sign Company knows exactly what type of signage an establishment requires to ensure customer traffic and help potential clients relate to your brand.




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