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Have you opened a nursery business but you just can’t find the perfect sign for your nursery? Well look no further, here at APEX Sign Company we will build the perfect nursery sign because owners like yourself shouldn’t have to settle for anything typical and drab, you deserve strong and vibrant signage that defines your company.

What Kind Of Sign Is Right For you?

First and foremost, you need to know what kind of sign would be the best marketing tool for your company, after all, there’s a ton of variety, however many business owners tend to get confused, here is where we come in!

At APEX Sign Company we are committed to providing quality service as well as additional information and support to guide you towards the ideal sign for your nursery.

Customizable outdoor signs are especially popular for plant nurseries, you can choose every single detail such as the sign type, shape, colors, and text as well as the overall design. All you have to do is convey your thoughts and we will build a working and productive sign through them using the best quality materials available.

Permanent or Temporary Signs?

Despite the general belief, you don’t need a heavy and costly permanent sign for your nursery. Most of the time plant nurseries require new signs for seasonal and short-term events announcements, for situations such as these all you really require is a light, economical sign with a fantastic and eye-catching design.

Banners, especially vinyl ones, are ideal for announcements such as sales or any other updates, they offer a bunch of options in size, colors, and design and are pretty affordable.

However, banners can get damaged pretty easily so if you’re looking for a more durable option then pull-up signs are the way to go. Easy to set up and store away when they’re not needed, these are perfect for traveling and reusable as well.

Furthermore, if you have a problem with overcrowding or general confusion of the masses then you should opt for informational signs and directories. These simple tools help customers navigate inside your store and increase customer satisfaction levels by providing them a positive and memorable experience. Directories incorporate knowledge and specific information such as names of plants, their scientific names, descriptions, prices, and use. This type of signage helps keep your business organized and prevents your customers from being lost while also keeping them informed.



For your business to grow, you need compelling signs that are also attractive and memorable, you want to create an impact on every potential customer so the next time they think of plants, and your business is the next thought in line. We at APEX Sign Company will provide consultation along with our services so we can create effective designs specifically for your business and target market. Give us a call and let us for you, with you, to improve and grow your nursery business using wonderfully crafted signage.



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