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Room identifications are important for all large buildings. Whether it is a building full of offices, a hospital, or even an educational institute – room ID signs help people become aware of where to go.

People often think that room identification signs are to aid people who suffer from vision problems. However, that is not true. Properly identified and labeled room ID signs tend to help all people who visit a building – especially in the case of an emergency.

When investing in room identification signs for your office building, you must think of the signs from the perspective of emergency personnel. This means that you should carefully label all emergency exits, electrical control room, sprinkler control room, access to the roof, etc.

Two Types of Room Identification Signs

Signs must be easy to read, placed at a comfortably visible height, and exude professionalism relating to your company. Apart from these basic guidelines, there are two different types of room ID signs that you can opt for:

  1. Room Name Sign

Instead of only labelling a room with a certain number, you can use a room name sign to indicate the function or occupants of the room. The most common uses of a room name sign include restrooms, cafeterias, waiting rooms, or the private offices of personnel. Room name signs can often include the name of the person who sits inside a particular office – such as for doctors and teachers. Since all room identification signs follow ADA regulations in terms of design and size, such signs are always uniform and provide an organized look to the building.

  1. Room Number Sign

Room numbers are a common method of identifying rooms with the use of numbers. These are typically found in hotels, apartments, educational institutes, and even offices. Signs allow people to easily find their way around a large building since each room will be numbered according to the floor level it is based on.

ADA Compliance with Room ID Signs

According to the ADA, the law now requires all public buildings to have an appropriate room identification sign outside of each room. If a particular space has a separate entry door, then it requires a room ID sign include tactile lettering and braille to aid those who have problems with vision.

If a room has a permanent function, such as a restroom, cafeteria, or even a permanent office, then it must have a room name ID sign outside the door. When a room has a changing function, such as hotel rooms, then it must be labelled using a room number ID sign.



At APEX Sign Company, we design and print the most professional looking room ID signs for your office building. You can even choose to customize the room ID sign according to the function of your business, such as including small illustrations on the room ID signs for a preschool. Depending upon your specific requirements, the team at APEX Sign Company will be able to create the perfect room ID signs for your business.



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