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A creatively thought and perfectly executed salon sign is what you are lacking. The beauty businesses run on appearances and what you showcase. Your salon sign will be the first thing your client will see and it is what will be seen by many on daily basis. So, you must pay close attention to what you are portraying about yourself and your salon. A good sign will pay you back even if you are starting up. Whereas, a bad sign will surely deter several customers, no matter how experienced you are or how amazing your services are. Before the customer sees you or your salon’s interior, or your services, he will see the sign which will cast the first impression on him. For it to be a good impression with an aesthetically pleasing design, all you have to do is to contact APEX Sign Company on *phone number*. At APEX Sign Company, we specialize in salon signs. Our top favorites include fascia, projecting, neon, and full window layout signs. If you are new to this sign game, here is an insight into the popular types.

Neon signs

Neon signs have been on the radar of popularity for the longest time. A similar option is the LED sign that is as attractive as a neon sign but comes with low maintenance and cost. At APEX Sign Company, you will get the best designs at the most affordable price for both neon and LED signs.

Fascia signs

Fascia signs are the classic type of signs. It fully customizable and with this option, you can explore lengths of creativity. This will be an ideal pick if your salon is in a spacious and less crowded neighborhood. We will provide you very modern and aesthetic design for fascia signs and incorporate them strategically.

Projecting signs

Projecting signs are the sticking ones. They are a great option if your salon is on a busy street for two reasons. First, they display your salon name from both sides, and secondly, they stick out so making your name prominent and visible from a distance. At APEX Sign Company, we will provide you eye-catching designs in this category so your brand name outshines its competitors on a busy street.

Glass/window layout

A design covering the entire window or a large glass panel is another great option to select from. We offer a wide range of designs and ideas to select from in this category.



At APEX Sign Company, we have a very talented creative time whose full-time job is to work in close coordination and deliver you what you exactly want. Thanks to this hardworking team of designers and executers that we often surpass our client’s expectations. We will have a briefing session with you before we begin the work to make sure that your concerns are being addressed and your ideas are being valued in the final design. Book your appointment today if you want an eye-catching sign board for your business.



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