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Sandblasted signs are the opposite of carved signs. They provide an elevated look that is both elegant and impactful for anybody who comes across your business sign.

Many people opt for sandblasted signage to be placed outside their office building. The most common use for sandblasted signage is for real estate workers who tend to demand such unique and professional signboards outside of their offices. Apart from real estate, sandblasted signage is now becoming common across all industries since it is a classic way of making a great first impression towards anybody who visits your office.

What are Sandblasted Signs?

Unlike any other form of signs, sandblasted signage uses an abrasive blasting finishing process that uses a powerful machine that is similar to an air compressor. This machine sprays the abrasive particles onto the signboard with high pressure. Due to this process, an upper layer is created on the base material of the signboard.

Sandblasted signage is usually made in wood grain finishes, but one can also opt for a unique pebble finish for their sandblasted signage. The wood grain sandblasted signage provides a rustic, traditional look and is common amongst people who own personal offices. The pebble finish provides a more modern, leather-like finish to the lettering on the signboard.

APEX Sign Company is able to manufacture both wood grain and pebble finish sandblasted signage for your business. Apart from these two finishing options, the team of design professionals is APEX Sign Company will be able to create a unique design for the sandblasted signage for your business in order to help you create a unique brand identity. Since our team understands the importance of first impressions, we ensure that the sandblasted signage makes a long-lasting impression on all of your current and potential clients.

Benefits of Sandblasted Signage

If you are unsure whether your business needs a sandblasted sign, we are here to convince you to make an investment in these timeless signs. The most popular choice for a sandblasted sign is redwood or cedar – both of which provide a vintage appeal to your business and allows customers to believe that you run a well-established and reliable firm.

Since many customers become concerned regarding the wear-and-tear of this sandblasted signage, the team at APEX Sign Company ensures that we only use the best type of high-quality wood in the manufacturing of these signs. This results in no decay, insect damage, or weather damage to the sandblasted sign. Each sandblasted signage made by APEX Sign Company undergoes a weatherproofing treatment which means that your sandblasted sign will stand steadfast regardless of the harsh weather conditions.



To get your first quote or consultation regarding the installation of sandblasted signs in your office, you can contact APEX Sign Company today. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you throughout the process – from designing, to selecting the material, to finalizing the stylistic elements, and to final manufacturing. Once you contact APEX Sign Company for your sandblasted sign requirements, you will not have to worry about anything as our team will ensure that the entire process is handled carefully, professionally, and according to your specific requirements.



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