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A proper school sign fulfills a variety of functions, Appropriate and efficient school signage encourages student engagement and goes hand in hand with safety. Not only this but the quality and type of sign you choose also has a lasting impact on the minds of visitors and potential customers, first impressions matter the most, so it’s crucial to select the best available sign no matter how small its primary purpose is. Luckily APEX Sign Company can help you with that, we specialize in designing, manufacturing as well as installing signs for businesses exactly such as yours.

What type of Signage fulfills your needs?

Choosing the most suitable type of signs for your school requires a lot of consideration and careful planning, here at APEX Sign Company we have a variety of options available keeping your purpose, budget, brand, and goals in mind.

Are you looking for an Indoor sign? Fitting materials and type of signage for this purpose include aluminum hall signs, vinyl standees, printed banners, and even illuminated information boards. Printed or vinyl banners are ideal for a short-term purpose such as a temporary school event or celebratory announcements while more durable and long-lasting materials include wood, steel, aluminum LED, and LCD.

Knowing full well that indoor signs in a school are examined closely by a number of people such as students and parents, APEX Sign Company is dedicated to delivering high-quality and flawless interior signage for your schools and universities.

However, if you’re in the market for Outdoor signs, we can help with that too. It’s better to pick a more durable material if the said sign is relatively permanent or intended to be reused, for instance, wood, as an outdoor sign is also going to face a variety of weather conditions and you wouldn’t want your signage to become ruined and turn into an eyesore.

Informational Signage

Informational signs are the most common and widely used ones in schools and universities as these institutions usually have a relatively extensive campus and many students that require assistance. Not just helpful for directions and labeling different sections on campus, informational signs are also used to display the institution’s rules and regulations, a practical and understandable sign is essential to fulfilling these requirements.

APEX Sign Company can help you with any type of informational signage you need whether it be for identification, regulatory or directional. The installation of such signs makes it convenient for students, or anyone really, to navigate their path on campus.

Furthermore, a school follows a certain code of conduct and rules that students must be reminded of and an effective sign is the best way to do that.



APEX Sign Company is a trusted signage company and we want to deliver the ideal sign for your school, made with the best quality materials and an aesthetically pleasing design. We understand finding what’s best suited can be difficult, which is why we offer consultation along with our services, so our company may guide you in the best direction you should take for your school’s signage.



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