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The better your physical store looks, the more customers your business will attract. One way of making your physical store look appealing is by having a high-impact and visible storefront sign. It will increase the foot traffic of your establishment, and many potential customers will know about your store.

Storefront signage comes in all forms. You can get promotional signage, brand identification signage, and much more. APEX Sign Company provides a well-rounded signage solution that includes:

Promotional Storefront Signs

Besides telling people the name and purpose of your business, you can also promote it through signage. Doing so will help you increase sales as more people will be attracted to your business. That is why the sign should be as compelling as the promotional offer.

We offer various signage options with different visual elements so you can get the best bang for your buck. Our in-house



graphic designers and artists will communicate with you to create a visually appealing sign that is in alignment with your brand identity.

You can opt for our promotional signage that includes banners, murals, sidewalk signs, window displays, a-frame signs, and much more. We have endless options that you can choose from.

Business Identification Signs

Every business has an identity. Without having this identity on the front of the establishment, no one will know your business exists there. That is why every business needs to have identification signage.

The business identification sign should have your business name and some information on it. They can be made in various designs and styles to maximize visibility. Some styles you can choose from include pole signs, awning signs, monument signs, address signs, pylon signs, and much more.

APEX Sign Company is known for creating signage that will reflect your brand identity while being functional and appealing. Our signs will instantly grab the attention of passersby, and this will increase the recognition of your brand. All you have to do is discuss with us what you want.

You can let us know the vision you have in your mind, and our designers will provide you with the exact materials and style you can use to execute that vision. Communication is important to us, and we believe it produces the most effective signage. That is why you will be included throughout the process as your input is valuable to us.



APEX Sign Company is always striving for perfection. That is why we only use the best materials and talent in our business. We make custom signage for all types of businesses out there. Our team handles everything from the design to the installation so you don’t have to worry about anything.
If you are looking for the highest-quality signage, get in touch with us now. Our expert team will support your requests and provide you an experience like never before. For more information on the signage solutions we offer, feel free to contact us now.



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