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One of the most effective ways of marketing during trade shows and events is to have tabletop displays. They are portable, affordable, simple, and effective. When it comes to tabletop displays, less is more.

APEX Sign Company has been providing tabletop displays to hundreds of businesses over the years. We create our displays with high-quality materials so you can have the best marketing solution at your disposal.

Pop-Up Tabletop Displays

Yes, there is a tabletop version of pop-up displays as well. They are much more lightweight, affordable, and portable than normal pop-up displays. However, don’t be fooled because they can get your brand noticed just as successfully as a regular display.

APEX Sign Company provides custom tabletop displays that will suit your brand and business. You can choose everything about your display from the material to the style. We offer both heavy-duty and lightweight pop-up tabletop displays.

Tension Fabric Display

Tension fabric tabletop displays are one of the most popular choices by brands. For this display, dye-sublimated polyester is utilized that is stretched out to fit a frame. They are portable, easy to set up and add depth to the display.

APEX Sign Company creates the highest quality tension fabric displays. They wrinkle, fade, mildew, and scratch-resistant. That means you will not have to worry about them going through wear and tear. They will be effective and new for a long time.

Panel Displays

Panel displays are also incredibly common among the tabletop category. In this display, two or more panels are connected through hinges. This makes it easy to fold the panels on top of each other.

The folding option makes it easy to carry and store anywhere as panel tabletop displays are lightweight. Even your business can make use of panel displays to take its marketing game to the next level. It will enhance visibility and provide customers with an immersive experience.

The best part is that APEX Sign Company customizes these panel displays for you. We can customize over ten panels. That will ensure your display has the maximum pact.

Besides that, your panel displays can even be double-sided. That way, everyone will be able to see whether they are walking in front or at the back. Our team customizes everything according to the client’s specifications so you can create the maximum impact and visibility for your brand.



APEX Sign Company is proud to offer various signage solutions for your business. We are passionate about providing you tabletop displays that yield results and returns on your investment. That is why we are always striving towards becoming better.
If you are not sure this signage solution is the best idea for you then we have others too. APEX Sign Company offers almost all signage solutions so you don’t have to go anywhere else. Our expert team will guide you so you can make an informed decision if you should hire us.
For more information on the signage solution services that we offer, feel free to get in touch with us now.



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