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Vehicle wraps are becoming the modern way of advertisement. While vehicle wraps have been around for the longest time, they are now coming back into the market trend as the most straightforward method of marketing your company.

Most companies use trailers for business logistic purposes. Whether the trailer is for transporting goods or to provide door-to-door services to customers, investing in a trailer wrap can allow you to amplify the look of your trailer and transform it into something unique.

A professional trailer wrap by APEX Sign Company includes professional lettering or images that are used to advertise your company. You can choose to get your logo and tagline printed on the trailer wrap or include some of your latest deals such as holiday discounts. This form of advertisement is highly effective since the trailer not only ends up looking aesthetically pleasing but also creates awareness regarding your company throughout the local area.

Trailer wraps designed and manufactured by APEX Sign Company can be applied to all kinds of business vehicles – whether it is a semi-truck or a box trailer.

Designing the Trailer Wrap

Since we understand the importance of personalization when it comes to marketing, APEX Sign Company allows all of our customers to work directly with a professional design team in order to determine the final design of the vehicle wrap. All kinds of information or images can be added to the vehicle wrap, but our team of professionals recommends that you opt for consumer-friendly infographics that have lately become very popular.

Using infographics on vehicle wraps to advertise your brand product or services will serve as an effective form of marketing since there won’t be too much information on the vehicle wrap and nor will it be distracting for other drivers on the road.

Another popular kind of trailer wrap includes vinyl lettering. Basic letter cutouts are used to spell out the name of the company or contact information. This is a minimalistic form of trailer wrap.

Applying the Trailer Wrap

Once the design is finalized, our team takes careful notice in printing the wrap with high-quality materials and using a laminated finish. This helps protect the vehicle wrap from dust, wind, rainfall, or storms. Since the trailer will be transported to different areas across the city or country, the wrap needs to remain in prime condition in order to effectively serve as an advertisement method.

Types of Trailer Wraps

APEX Sign Company manufactures two different kinds of trailer wrap – one for semi-trucks and one for box trailers.

Trailer wrap for semi-trucks is a great form of advertisement since most companies tend to use these vehicles as part of their day-to-day operations. By investing in high-quality trailer wraps for your semi-truck, you can utilize the truck for marketing purposes without having to pay a much larger amount for a billboard or television advertisement.

Box trailers are also a common choice amongst contractors, landscapers, or repair companies who travel across the city and provide door-to-door services to customers. APEX Sign Company will be able to facilitate such companies with efficiently designed wraps that allow them to market their services as they continue with their routine operations.

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