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Vehicle decals have always been a cost-effective and efficient way of advertising – regardless of the size of the business. Many startups opt for small vehicle decals on their corporate vehicles, and larger organizations tend to invest in bigger, 3D vehicle decals that are now becoming a popular trend. Despite the size of the decal, there is no lying in the fact that this is a very important form of advertisement for businesses.

Vehicle decals are professional forms of car stickers. Decals can be different types of images, graphics, or vinyl lettering printed onto a highly adhesive sheet that can be placed on the corporate vehicle.

The different types of vehicle decals administered by APEX Sign Company include:

  • Car and Truck Vinyl Lettering
  • Clear Vinyl Graphics
  • Opaque Vinyl Graphics
  • Perforated Vehicle Decals

How It’s Used

Vehicle decals are most commonly used by businesses to highlight their brand name and logo on the corporate vehicle.

Some companies choose to opt for bold vehicle decals in order to make a statement in front of current and potential clients. This can be done by choosing a bright color or large lettering as a vehicle decal. A new form of vehicle decal for the advertisement includes incorporating some form of a joke or funny catchphrase that would increase brand recognition. Such vehicle decals often tend to go viral on social media – thus increasing the reach of the brand.

However, a vast majority of companies like to remain safe and opt for the traditional forms of vehicle decals. These include having their logo or brand name as a vehicle decal.

Why Your Company Needs a Vehicle Decal

Since traditional methods of advertisement are becoming more and more expensive for smaller brands to afford, vehicle decals are the next best alternative that is highly cost-effective. A corporate car with an attractive vehicle decal is likely to be noticed by more people on the road or in the buildings where the car is parked. This increases the reach of the company and encourages brand recognition amongst the general public as they begin to associate the logo with the brand name.

Having an attractive, creative, or important message sent through a vehicle decal is an effective method of advertisement. Not only will you be able to create a positive image for your company, but the increased attention towards your brand will encourage further word of mouth thus attracting new customers to your company.

Customizing Your Vehicle Decal

In order to enjoy the benefits of installing vehicle decals, you must be able to customize them properly according to the appeal of your brand. The vehicle decal must be designed considering your current target audience and brand theme – especially since the decals will begin to represent your brand amongst the general public.



By contracting with APEX Sign Company, you can leave it up to our design professionals to create the best vehicle decals for your brand. You can customize the entire vehicle decal by incorporating different forms of graphics and text in order to make it attractive and aesthetically pleasing for the target audience.
To begin with the vehicle decal designing process for your brand, contact our team at APEX Sign Company today.



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