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Have you been on the search for a cost-effective method of increasing your brand recognition? By opting for vehicle graphics designed by APEX Sign Company, you can easily begin attracting hundreds of new customers without spending a fortune on traditional marketing methods.

Vehicle graphics are a combination of digitally printed graphics and vinyl lettering that is primarily used as a marketing tactic. You must have seen vehicles with window graphics that cover the entire rear window and display a marketing message for other drivers to see whilst on the road. Such forms of graphics are becoming extremely common since they are an effective form of an advertisement on all corporate vehicles.

Vehicle graphics will allow your brand to increase awareness and attract more customers whilst performing day-to-day operations. Since your corporate vehicle will be driving around the city during the busy hours of the day, a majority of people are likely to notice your vehicle graphic and become aware of your brand and its services.


In order to make this an effective marketing campaign, your graphics must have some thought put into them. There are too many companies that do not spend time developing their vehicle graphic and end up with unattractive posters covering their vehicles.

By contracting with APEX Sign Company, you can easily customize your entire vehicle graphic and enjoy the freedom of incorporating any element that you find suitable for your brand. Our team of design professionals will be able to assist you through the entire process and help you create an attractive vehicle graphic that is easily readable, comprehendible, and serves as a marketing campaign for your brand.

Types of Vehicle Graphics

There are two main types of vehicle graphics that your company can opt for full vehicle wraps or partial vehicle wraps.

As the name suggests, a full vehicle wrap will cover your entire vehicle with graphics – almost like a moving TV ad. Design professionals create a cohesive graphic according to the dimensions of your truck or trailer. With a full vehicle wrap of graphics, you can add information apart from just your logo and brand name. This could include ongoing deals, an attractive catchphrase, or a relevant graphic.

The most important aspect to remember when opting for a full vehicle wrap is to never overdo the information or graphics on the wrap. The advertisement campaign will only be successful if the vehicle wrap looks visually appealing to other people and is easy to read whilst being on the road. By choosing APEX Sign Company for your full vehicle wrap, you can ensure that your graphic will be aesthetically pleasing and not distracting for other drivers on the road.

The second type of vehicle graphics is partial vehicle wraps that include using only part of your vehicle to install the graphics. This is particularly useful if you only want to use the vehicle for branding purposes, such as including your logo and brand name.



Our team ensures that we put all of your needs first and create a design that you are fully satisfied with. All of our vehicle graphics are installed using a commercial grade adhesive – meaning that you will not have to worry about the vehicle graphics tearing off of your vehicle any time soon.
Get into contact with APEX Sign Company today for your first consultation with our design team regarding your vehicle graphic requirements.



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