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If you want to send out a simple yet effective marketing message, you can use your own corporate vehicle to do so. Vehicle lettering is a form of advertisement that incorporates vinyl lettering with your corporate vehicle to create a minimalistic marketing campaign for your company.

At APEX Sign Company, we specialize in vehicle lettering. All of our letterings are safe for any type of car body – whether you have a truck, a trailer, or an SUV as a corporate vehicle. The adhesive of the vinyl lettering will not damage the paint of your car. Each individual piece of lettering will also remain glossy and shiny over time since it is laminated multiple times to provide a protective coating on the top layer.

Vinyl lettering is an easy, cost-effective method of advertising your brand. By investing in high-quality vinyl lettering such as from APEX Sign Company, you can attract more customers due to the professional and aesthetic appeal of your corporate vehicles.

Types of Vehicle Lettering

Vehicle lettering can be used for a range of different purposes, such as highlighting your brand name, tagline, company contact information, or a marketing campaign on the vehicle.

Some common forms of vehicle lettering as a marketing campaign include sending an important message using lettering on the car or adding an attractive catchphrase at the back of the vehicle. This tends to attract new customers since such eye-catching marketing tactics usually tend to go viral on social media.

Even if your lettering does not end up on the trending tab of Instagram, it will still be able to attract new customers every day as it passes through different neighborhoods and commercial streets. Vinyl lettering must be used in a simplistic manner in order to make it effective – especially because nobody will read long, detailed pieces of text whilst on the road. Remember to keep your marketing message small and precise when selecting the design for your vinyl lettering.

Caring for the Vinyl Lettering

Once the lettering has been installed on your corporate vehicle, you do not need to worry about its maintenance. The lettering manufactured by APEX Sign Company uses high-quality, durable materials that allow the vinyl lettering to remain intact even under harsh weather conditions. In case there is a buildup of dirt on the vinyl lettering, you can easily clean it with a damp, non-abrasive cloth.

The vinyl lettering will not require any other form of maintenance such as commercial cleaning sprays or re-installation procedures. Our team at APEX Sign Company believes in manufacturing the highest quality lettering for your vehicles so you don’t have to worry about maintenance in the future.



At APEX Sign Company, our team of design professionals remain up to date with all the latest marketing tactics in order to assist you properly during the designing process. We help you create the most professional and aesthetic vinyl lettering for your corporate vehicles that will help you create a positive first impression amongst potential customers and create widespread brand awareness.
Contact APEX Sign Company today for a consultation regarding vehicle lettering.



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