Sign Permitting in Los Angeles is a complicated process. Therefore, you need a permit to install or exchange a sign to ensure that your indoor and outdoor signs are no threat to passerby surrounding areas or streetscape. Besides making and delivering visual solutions to its clients, APEX sign company also ensure that their customers’ sign permits are up to date according to their local building codes and even zoning ordinance.

Firstly, we make sure that all the documentation work is error-free and is approved by their client’s local municipality. A rigid law is present for outdoor signs that give instructions about the size, positioning, the materials used, and the type of message it carries. The signage codes and regulations are not the same in every state and municipality, affecting every sign installation differently.

Secondly, before a sign can be placed on a specific location, approval, and issuance is necessary from the city development services department. The APEX sign company provides you with permitting services that contain a sign design, permits about the new construction and business signs. In addition, we will file for temporary permits, permission for planning and site surveys, and inspection reports.

Thirdly, your local municipality has established building codes and zoning restrictions, so to place an outdoor sign first, you need to know those codes. You need to know ordinance reviews size, materials, height, designs, location illumination specification of a sign in city limits.

You can always rely on Apex Sign company.

The company does the work of filling out a comprehensive permitting application. The APEX sign company experts will inform you if you need permits or temporary license after the inspection.

You can avail of an electrical permit for light-up signs. You can have sign permits for business but to have permits for freestanding pylons, poles, monuments, illuminated signs for an awning, or mounted blades of the building – is not possible.

There are two types of permits present, which include

Permanent commercial sign permits

that requires building inspection and review. The zoning administrator is responsible for reviewing all the building mounted blade signs, freestanding signs, building and ground signs. Your sign structure, size, color, the material must be according to municipal law and local building codes.

Temporary sign permits

related to anniversaries, construction, leasing, rental periods, the grand opening of a place, and sales. These signs should be according to the municipality rules and regulations.


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